December 25, 2006


I guess it's about time for our William Tell routine.

December 15, 2006


Professor Jones on the inner life of plants.

December 13, 2006

Circle of Life

Poor lad, grey at 15.

December 12, 2006

Case Notes 4

Life is so profoundly contingent, and the solutions it comes up with so Heath Robinson, that it can only plausibly have reached its present state by trial and error.

December 09, 2006

Salt Lake City

The wisdom of Bebe Glazer.

December 06, 2006

Xmas List

Avarice, and satellites thereof.

December 03, 2006

Case Notes 3

Multi-particle tracking of fluorescent signals to image cellular compartments and receptor transport mechanisms.

December 01, 2006


Metapopulation dynamics in Processing.