August 28, 2004


At least I can still spot an orthonormal basis when it swims up and bites me on the ass.

Team Synchro

Spain was robbed!

August 25, 2004

Filler 26

Late night, midweek, nothing to say...

August 22, 2004

The Rat Race

Work, rest and play.

August 16, 2004


Holiday snaps.

Hi Ho

It's off to work I go.

August 13, 2004

Last Gasp

A brief holiday.

August 11, 2004


Contract negotiations.

August 10, 2004

Yak Herding

No, I don't know what I'm on about either.

August 07, 2004

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Back, in short, to work.

August 06, 2004

Ghost Train

Carnesky's Ghost Train comes to town.

20th Century: 1 (Nostalgia)

Another fragmentary serial begins. This one should run and run.

August 04, 2004

Excursion into Philosophy

Hopping along.

August 02, 2004


Celebrate good times, come on!