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October 19, 2003


As promised a little while ago in some remote and unattended corner of this site, I've rejigged the RSS syndication somewhat. There are now two separate feeds for the main WalkyTalky blog, and a corresponding two for the When photo album sub-blog. Actually, there always were, but now they do different things, so here's the gen.

The RSS 1.0 feed is the one I want. It contains headlines, very brief (and sometimes misleading) post summaries, and a comment count. This feed will notify you (and me) when things happen here, but won't deliver those things to you. To read either content or comments you'll have to fire up your browser of choice and come here.

The RSS 2.0 feed is the one Tom Coates would want. It provides the full post content, and a link to the uncounted comments. This feed will allow you to read my posts in your RSS aggregator without ever having to open up the site in your browser (though you'll still need to do that if you want to read or contribute to the comments).

The choice, of course, is yours.
Posted by matt at October 19, 2003 03:26 AM

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