July 24, 2008

A Holiday From Death

As it turned out, fears of not being able to see the show were unfounded. I got a fine seat, and I don't think anyone was actually excluded.

You'll be a short time living
And a long long long long long long long time dead!

The Cholmondeleys and Featherstonehaughs's latest is, frankly, barely a dance piece at all. It's an end-of-the-pier exercise in fatalism, a hysterical post-mortem high-kick in the teeth to the platitudinous posturing of religious reassurance, urging:

Get out your boxes while you can!

Framed as an old time music hall act with greasepainted banjo players and a pantomime chorus, Dancing On Your Grave manages to be formally unchallenging whilst really rubbing one's nose in it. The bare facts of our existence are relayed in a beautifully simple, brutal, humane -- and utterly entertaining -- fashion. It's great.

It was easy for Descartes...

Go see.
Posted by matt at July 24, 2008 08:28 AM

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